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The Benefits of Adding Video Surveillance

It may be time for your business to get some extra security. One option would be to hire security guards to patrol the doors and parking lot, but that means paying someone a substantial hourly wage to stay awake at night and watch your assets, and that may not be in the budget.

A more budget conscious option may be to install a video surveillance system. Though it can be rather expensive, it is a one time expense, rather than providing a regular pay check to a security guard. And most, of course, come with some kind of warranty if anything goes wrong.

Some other benefits to a video surveillance system:

• Security cameras don’t fall asleep (rarely, anyway).
• Security cameras provide an accurate portrayal of the events.
• They protect you business by deterring potential burglars or predators and employee theft.
• Keeping people from suing for a fall, etc. on your property when it’s not true and they’re just seeking money (i.e. frivolous lawsuits).
• Making sure your staff is performing at their best and providing adequate customer service.
• They can provide an hefty discount on your business insurance policy.
• If you have digital cameras that connect to a networked computer system, you can check on your business while out of town.

With a video surveillance system, it is best to install more than one camera to optimize the coverage. Some prime locations are at all entrances/exits, where money is located (cash register, vault, etc.), and employee break rooms. If you sell merchandise, it’s also a good idea to point them at the merchandise floor to catch shoplifters in the act.

Though I’m not typically one for replacing man with machine, I believe this to be an instance where the benefits and reliability of security cameras far outweigh any other options you may have, providing it is financially feasible for your business.

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By Michelle Cramer
Monday, April 30th, 2018 @ 12:00 AM CDT

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