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Small Business Scams

Finding the contact information for a small business owner is amazingly easy, no matter if your business is online or not. Here are two of the latest and most dangerous scams that are affecting business owners across the country:

The “We Just Need Your Checking Account Number To Confirm Your Creditworthiness” Scam

This scam allows the culprit to record your checking account number in order to write demand drafts payable from your account. Not only do they not require a signature, but they require no action by the checking account holder.

The “Please Cash Our Check For $4.23” Scam

This scam is much more brilliant and extremely sneaky. The scammer sends a legitimate check made out to your company. If you cash or deposit that check, your account information is printed on it. The check is returned to the scammer with your account info present allowing him to begin writing demand drafts against your account.

What to do:

Keep an eye on your account. I check mine daily. If any withdraws (large or small) show up that you aren’t familiar with, contact your bank immediately. If your bank doesn’t offer online account access, find one that does.


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By Chris Brunner
Sunday, September 9th, 2018 @ 12:00 AM CDT

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