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Remembering Your Customers

Working on that Christmas Card list? Well, don’t stop at just friends and family. Be sure that you get some cards to send on behalf of your business to your customers. Yes, it may be a bit of added expense, but it’s well worth giving clients the reminder that you’re still available to provide them with quality products and services.

Before you do anything else, figure out how much you have available in your budget to send cards and gifts to clients. Just like with your personal Christmas shopping, it’s important to establish a budget and keep yourself on track.

Priority, of course, goes to your regular and loyal clients. In fact, those clients you see on a regular basis should probably get more than a card. Put together a small gift basket for your top 10% of clients. This can be done rather inexpensively if you put the baskets together yourself, rather than purchasing them premade.

Include universal items such as hot chocolate mix or gourmet coffee, mugs, sweets, fruit, and maybe a few trinkets, such as picture frames or key chains. Don’t be afraid to use a bit of your company’s marketing merchandise, but don’t make that the theme of the entire gift basket. You don’t want the client to feel overwhelmed by your advertising. Instead, you want them to feel delighted at your gesture.
As far as the Christmas cards go, try and find a style that conveys the commitment to quality and satisfaction that your business is all about. In other words, don’t buy cheap Christmas cards. Splurge a little. There are many card companies out there that cater to businesses specifically and have a large variety of beautiful cards to choose from.

Once you’ve chosen your card, start your list. Depending on your budget and how many cards/stamps you can afford, you may want to consider even sending cards to customers that may have only purchased products/services from you once or twice in the past year. This gives you an opportunity to not only let them know that you appreciate their business, but to remind them of the products/services you provide (and encourage a more consistent loyalty).

Christmas cards are one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I love sending them to people I don’t talk to often throughout the year, just to let them know that I still think of them. Sending cards to your clients is of the same concept and will hopefully help to boost sales over those holiday months.

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By Michelle Cramer
Friday, August 3rd, 2018 @ 12:08 AM CDT

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