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The Warning Signs of a Doomed Partnership

Just as in an unhappy marriage, the problems in an unstable business partnership tend to result in feeling unappreciated and ungratified, having unmet expectations and facing events that cause doubt and distrust. Problems left unattended will result in one or both of you dissolving the partnership.

To keep your partnership in tact, watch for the warning signs:

1) Communication Breakdown
If every conversation you attempt to have with your business partner turns into a war of words, then chances are you’re having a hard time communicating. When we’re holding a grudge against someone, we often have a tendency to always go on the defensive. Our ears shut off and our mouth won’t quit. If you can’t listen to each other, then you’re not communicating at all.

2) Everything is a Competition
Your partnership should be a compliment of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, but, when tensions rise, things tend to become competitive rather than complimentary. If you are constantly trying to out-do your partner, rather than work with him, then there’s probably an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

3) Financial Problems
This can be anything from the business being under financial stress, to different views on how money should be spent, to disagreeing on the division of profits. If money is an issue, than so is something else.

4) Dominance Issues
If you’re fighting for control of the business, then you are probably not happy with the way your partner is managing her share of the responsibility. When you try to do everything yourself it comes down to a trust issue. There is something that has caused an inability to trust your partner’s productivity.

5) Different Goals
It’s safe to assume that, when you started the business, you and your partner had the same vision for the future. But, as time progresses, those goals may change and differ. That in itself is not a danger, but the inability to compromise and combine your visions is.

Keep your eyes open for the warning signs and meet issues head-on before they become problems. And, if things look bleak, you may want to consider going to a partnership coach before calling it quits. More often than not, an unbiased mediator can help put your business partnership back on the path to success.

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By Michelle Cramer
Thursday, January 3rd, 2019 @ 12:05 AM CDT

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