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Facing Change as an Entrepreneur

Change – it’s an obvious part of life. Usually, in our everyday hustle and bustle, it comes in small kinks here and there. But when you own a business, changes come in waves on a regular basis. And how you come through change, for better or worse, all depends on how you deal with it.

Here are some tips for dealing with the everyday changes of being an entrepreneur:

Be Positive
I am a firm believer that you have what you say. Therefore, if you’re facing some obstacles and your attitude is constantly negative, chances are, things won’t turn out the way you want them to in the end. The connection is obvious. If you’re not putting forth your all, what chance is there that the result will benefit your business? Very little.

Instead, maintain a positive attitude in the face of everything that comes your way. I also believe that everything happens for a reason. In other words, there is bound to be something good to come of whatever change you’re facing. Keep that in mind and push forward toward that positive outcome. Your positive attitude may be the factor that actually gets your business there.

Provide Yourself With a Sense of Accomplishment
The best way to do that is to make a list of things you must do and scratch them off as they are completed. In fact, you should have multiple lists for the various time frames that certain task need to be completed. I recommend having the following To Do Lists:

&#149 To Do Today
&#149 To Do Next Week
&#149 To Do Next Month
&#149 To Do This Year
&#149 To Do Next Year
&#149 To Do Within Five Years

Such a large number of lists looks intimidating, I can imagine. But only one or two of the lists (Today and Next Week) will change on a daily basis. The Next Month and This Year lists will change occasionally, as you think of things that need to be done but not in a rush. The Next Year and Five Year lists are for the long term goals for your business – the things your striving toward (such as increasing your sales by 20% or opening a second location, etc).

What provides the sense of accomplishment is not the act of making the list, but the act of scratching things off the list when they are finished. That is why I also recommend that you actually print out the lists (rather than having them just on your laptop), so that you can actually physically cross things off. That one little stroke of the pen can really provide an incredible feeling of relief.

Seek Outside Advice and Encouragement
Your employees are probably just as stressed as you are, so they probably can’t provide the best perspective on the changes and challenges you’re facing. It’s better to find someone that you can discuss those issues with who is not directly connected to your business and can be unbiased to the situation, such as a mentor, close friend, a colleague or family member.

It doesn’t have to be someone who understands the product/service you provide. In fact, it may be better if he/she doesn’t – then he can provide a complete outside and new perspective on any advice he may have. And, even if she has no advice to give, she will likely provide the encouraging words that will help you to keep your head up and press on.

You know, I guess these little tidbits apply to every aspect of life in one way or another. So, regardless of what your facing, remember to be positive, accomplish something and seek encouragement. I guarantee that, whatever it may be, it will seem easier.

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By Michelle Cramer
Saturday, May 5th, 2018 @ 12:01 AM CDT

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