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Futuristic Handshake Devices

Information can be transferred by optical electric field sensors, travel through the body as a small amount of voltage and end up in cell phones or other mobile devices. The 50-gram device is the size of a matchbox, and must be worn by both parties.

Wait… did this article just say that this device would send a small amount of voltage through my body? Hmmm…

If two people each wear [the device], they could receive each others details into their cellphones or other mobile gadgets simply through body contact.

Other uses of the technology include allowing people to unlock a door by touching the door knob.

I like the doorknob idea, but the swapping contact information by standing next to someone is a little out there. Especially when you can use your (free) vocal cords for an old fashion “Hello, my name is Chris. What is yours?”.

I’m all about technology making our lives easier, however, in business there is no substitute for a little human contact.

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By Chris Brunner
Sunday, October 28th, 2018 @ 12:05 AM CDT

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