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When You Feel Like Quitting…

Owning your own business can be quite stressful and, sometimes simply overwhelming. We can often get caught up in those emotions and let them drag us down. Our thoughts turn to calling it quits – giving up all together on the dream we once had because it has just become too much.

But maybe, before turning those thoughts into action, it would be better to try and change our perspective a bit. Here are few things to check yourself on before throwing in the towel:

When the stress gets the best of us, we can think of a million reasons why we should quit. That list is constantly drowning on and on in our head like a broken record. This is the moment when we should stop and remind ourselves why we took this chance in the first place. Instead of dwelling on why you should let go of your dream, write down the reasons you pursued it in the first place. Keep the list where you can see if everyday so that you have a constant reminder of what your motivation should be when things are rocky.

Keep a Positive Attitude
If you were to quit, someone else will see that as an opportunity and may even just pick up where you left off. Say you sell your business because you’re fed up. The person who buys your business has the perspective you had when you first got started – he’s excited about the possibilities ahead of him and the door that has opened. This is the attitude you should always have. Even when things are hard and your heart may not be in it, make sure your attitude doesn’t show it. If you adapt your attitude to be more positive, you’ll notice that your feelings will start to change as well.

Everything Takes Time
You can’t expect your business to skyrocket over night. Yes, it does happen to a very select few, but rarely. For the most part, it takes time – months, but more likely years – to build a successful business. Being successful at anything requires diligence, perseverance, and patience – it simply takes time.

If your frustration lies in the fact that your business just isn’t where you expected it to be “by now,” realize that most of us are impatient creatures and have probably had an unrealistic time frame in mind from the start. As long as progress is being made and you are seeing improvements and growth, no matter how insignificant they seem at the time, know that equals success.

Focus on the Big Picture
Don’t lose your gumption just because you had a bad meeting with an investor or that one sales call didn’t end in a purchase. These are small everyday battles. One event does not make us a success story or a failure. Examine everything you have done with your business. Your skills as a leader and an entrepreneur are determined by the whole of what you have accomplished. So, if you feel down about that sales call, remind yourself that, last week, you beat your sales record.

If you had the guts to walk out onto that ledge and dive into the unknown by starting your own business, chances are you knew then what you feel so strongly now – things won’t always be roses. But you have to stay focused, you have to keep your perspective and attitude in check, you have to be patient for progress, and you have to examine the whole of what you have accomplished. Above all, don’t give up! It will all be worth it in the end.

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By Michelle Cramer
Friday, May 18th, 2018 @ 12:01 AM CDT

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