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But on the Other Hand . . . (i.e. Exploring Options)

Every day we make thousands of decisions. What to wear, what to eat, when to leave, where to go, what to do first, which pen to use. . . the list goes on and on. Imagine, however, making any decision without exploring your options. Life would, first, be pretty boring if wore the same one shirt and one pair of pants every single day (what woman could survive?). And, when it comes to the more important things, it’s likely that life would be riddled with a few missteps.

Exploring your options is an important part of every decision we make. And especially when it comes to the big ones, such as how to run a business. This may seem like common sense to many of you. I know that I am an “option explorer.” I trek through the forest of who has the best price, climb the mountains of who will provide what I need, and wade the waters of what would have the best result.

For example, my husband and I were recently looking to change internet/cable providers and I made sure to call everyone in town, not once but at least three times, to make sure I knew exactly who would be the best option for price, quality and service.

However, there are people out there who go with the first thing that sounds good to them and don’t take the time find out if that was the best option available. Running on the same example, this type of person would have called the first internet provider in the phone book, and, if their price was better, would switch, without exploring whether or not the service was actually better.

Apply that philosophy to the business you run (or really, to any important aspect of your life) and you would be in some trouble. Exploring your options opens up a world of possibilities. Brainstorming every possible avenue will not only give you the best possible result, but also provides insight into the problem you’re trying to solve.

Granted, not every matter of choice is an important one. Choosing what pen to write with is not going to result in peace on earth, though the best pen will sure make writing less of a chore. What I’m referring to are the important decisions, such as what features the new computer system for your business should have so that everything runs smoothly. Contacting specialists who can tell you what you need, and contacting more than one specialist, will reveal the best option for your business. If your computers run smoothly, then your staff works better, things get done easier, your product/service has more quality, and your business does better over all.

Exploring your options in every important decisions will effect everything you do in a positive way. Don’t spend an hour milling over what shirt to wear to work tomorrow, but, when it comes to the worthwhile decisions, take your time and find out what’s on the other hand.

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By Michelle Cramer
Thursday, July 5th, 2018 @ 12:01 AM CDT

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