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Shared WiFi on the Way

FON, the brainchild of entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky, has just raised $21.7 million from Google, Skype, Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures.

FON is a global community of people who share WiFi (wireless Internet access). By sharing your WiFi broadband connection at home/work, you are entitled to connect to other shared Fon WiFi access points anywhere in the world.

At this writing, FON has over 3,000 registered users with a goal of more than 30,000 FON WiFi hotspots worldwide by 2007. For now, FON is available in Europe and U.S. only.

FON seems to be picking up steam very quickly, however, there is still some skepticism in the community as to what FON plans to bring to the table and how secure the network will actually be.

FON Security

According to FON’s website: If you have registered your WiFi in the FON Community, you will be protected through your local password which you can change whenever you choose.

You will share your WiFi connection with registered Foneros from around the world. Unlike the open WiFi networks that are not password protected, all Foneros who connect through your WiFi are registered and identifiable.

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By Chris Brunner
Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 @ 12:00 AM CDT

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