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Learning from Google’s HR Techniques

Fortune Magazine released it’s “100 Best Companies to Work For 2007” and Google’s Mountain View, California campus was number one. Their employees are exceedingly loyal. “A team of wild horses couldn’t drag me away,” says one employee. They’re even more than willing to work all night without question or complaint.

What would make someone want to enjoy working that much? Check out these college-like incentives:

• On-site childcare.
• Five on-site doctors.
• Employees can bring their dogs to work.
• Free car washes and oil changes on-site.
• Free on-site salons and barber shops.
• Free on-site laundromat and dry cleaning.
• Free meals from 11 on-site gourmet restaurants.
• A $2,000 reward for referring new employees.
• An on-site fitness center, complete with weight room, lap pool, personal trainers and massages.
• Game rooms that include pool tables, foosball, ping-pong, and arcade games.
• Rock-climbing walls, beach volleyball and roller hockey twice a week in the parking lot.
• Engineers can spend 20% of their time at work on independent projects.
• Pajama day, TGIF parties every week and charity events on-site.
• Six weeks paid sabbatical available for every 6 years an employee works there.
• If an employee wants to buy a hybrid vehicle, Google will give her $5,000 toward it.
• Reimbursement for up to $500 in takeout for the first four weeks of an employee’s maternity leave.
• Available resources to study four foreign languages: Madarin, Japanese, Spanish and French.
• Motorized scooters for on campus travel in style (and speed).
• A founders award, up to millions of dollars (literally), for new program ideas and designs.

No wonder Google receives an average of 1,300 resumes a day (up to 1.1 million a year) for an average of only 2,229 available jobs a year. And Google doesn’t pay for all of these incentives out of their allotted administrative expenses. It all comes out of the company’s profits, which were over $6.1 billion in 2005!

Every business owner can take away from this that they should make their company a place worth working for, even if that means dipping into the profits a bit. In the end, the employee loyalty and productivity are completely worth it.

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By Michelle Cramer
Friday, January 18th, 2019 @ 12:00 AM CDT

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