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Investing in Energy

Energy — in a variety of forms — has a continuous and direct effect on our daily lives from top to bottom.

At present, fossil fuels account for 86 percent of world energy consuption. By 2020, global demand for energy is expected to outpace current world production by nearly 40 percent.¹

Here’s my energy portfolio:

IGNAX – Ivy Global Natural Resources Class A
IGNCX – Ivy Global Natural Resources Class C

…and a new fund that I will be investing in today:

WEGAX – Waddell Reed Energy Fund Class A

…and I’m considering buying into this new fund:

GAAEX – Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy Fund

I predict that industrialized nations will witness an accelerated use of fossil fuels for another 10-20 years. The price of oil and gas will soar and supply will diminish rapidly.

Within 5 years, I see focus moving to renewable energy and alternative energy research, development and infastructure on a large scale basis. This will set up another energy investment opportunity for lucrative returns many years down the road.

Will I stand correct in 2016? Who knows… but my gut feeling is telling me to jump on board as quickly as possible.

¹ EIA; BP Statistical Review of World Energy

5/02/06 UPDATE: The conflict with Iran is getting even nastier. The Iranian government could sabotage oil trade routes at any moment, driving oil supply down and prices through the roof even sooner than expected.

If this happens I see oil spiking to at least $85 a barrel this summer and possibly $100 by winter.

“At some stage, I think Iran will use its oil as a weapon to negotiate with the U.N. and the U.S., which would push up the market — although they are unlikely to stop exports altogether because they need the money.”

–Tetsu Emori, chief commodities strategist with Mitsui Bussan Futures in Tokyo.

Consult with an investment professional before taking part in any investment scheme.

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By Chris Brunner
Friday, April 22nd, 2016 @ 12:01 AM CDT

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