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Inspire Your Employees

Some of the most wealthy people I know got there by having superior people management skills. Every employee that works for you is a potential brainstormer, the one person who may think of the great idea that makes millions.

How can you inspire your employees to innovate?

1) Business owners must set personal egos aside

An employee may keep a great idea to himself if she/he doesn’t like you!

2) Create open brainstorming sessions for employees

Allowing them to give their own input makes them feel as if they truly are a part of the system.

3) Recognize the unique gifts your employees possess

Once you find someone with a unique gift or talent, nurture that talent and capitalize when the time is right.

4) Set parameters

Specify what you’re looking for, and guide your employees. You’ll be amazed at the new concepts they’ll throw at you.

“The direct benefit [of employee innovation] is competitive advantage, but the secondary benefits are greater employee empowerment and satisfaction.”

Sparking Bright Ideas

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By Chris Brunner
Thursday, November 22nd, 2018 @ 12:01 AM CDT

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