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Advertising Quality in Your Product

The number one rule for advertising quality in your product or service is to not use the word “quality.” Because this word is overused by the general business public, consumers ignore it. In fact, using the word “quality” can often invoke suspicion, much like when a business uses the phrase “you can trust me.”

Here are some tips for effectively conveying quality to potential customers:

Alternative Descriptions
The word “quality” in general is a limiting term, despite the negative connotations that it’s overuse has produced. It’s hard to do (I just caught myself using the term in my own advertising for my photography services), but instead you should go with alternatives like these:

premium, unparalleled, superior, impeccable, exceptional, unmatched, excellence, distinguished

Also, keep in mind that, the more expensive your product/service, the more sophisticated your “quality” word should be.

Speaking of Price. . .
Accept the fact that, if your product or service is truly of the best quality, then it won’t be the cheapest on the market. It takes money to provide a worthwhile product, which means that you will have to charge your customers a bit more. But, if you do things right, your customers will understand that they are getting what they pay for. So be careful. Saying that your product is “inexpensive” or cheap implies poor quality to the consumer. You cannot use the two concepts together. Instead, try words like “affordable” or “reasonable.”

The Name
Avoid using the word “quality” in the name of your business, your product, or in the product’s description/tagline. Again, this is a turn off for consumers. To put it bluntly, it’s like shoving that your product is a good one down their throat, because it will be all over everything potential customers see.

Portray Quality in All You Do
Everything the customer sees and hears should portray the quality you are trying to convey. Therefore, it should be implemented into every vein of your business. Your business cards should be of the best quality, you and your staff’s wardrobe should be professional, advertisements should be well done, the office your customers visit should be comfortable and appealing, etc.

Just remember to keep your target market in mind and discern what appeals to them in regard to a worthwhile product/service. And be sure not to use the word “quality,” especially as much as I have used it in today’s post.

• 6 Ways to Convey Quality

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By Michelle Cramer
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018 @ 12:04 AM CDT

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