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New Advertisement Placement Ideas

Everywhere we look, advertisements surround us. And because we’ve grown accustom to it all, many of us ignore the billboards, vehicles and bulletin boards that bombard our everyday lives. But lately there have been some new found advertising venues that will help to make your ad stand out and get noticed above the rest.

Okay, so the idea of advertising on shirts is not new, but these two concepts are. Eye Level Marketing out of LA has come up with interchangeable shirt panels to be worn on employees uniforms. Some of their target markets include theme parks, stadiums, shopping centers and retail stores. For example, the hot dog vendor at the ball park could where panels for a specific brand of beer or soft drink, making those hot dog loving fans salivate for something to wash it down.

Additionally, a New Jersey company called Telme Clothing recognized the fact that most company t-shirts give very limited information about the business. As a means of provided that much needed information (such as a moto or complete contact information), Telme provides a paragraph or two of text on the inside, bottom back panel of the t-shirt. That way, you can hand out your t-shirts to potential clients and they will find all the information they need to contact your business.

Airline Tray Tables
Airline passengers are pretty limited on the time-occupying options. Unless they bring their own book or music, passengers have the in-flight magazines, and your advertisement on their tray table. And with all of those limited options, your ad will definitely get some of their attention.

Golf Cart Hubcaps
And they are hubcaps that don’t rotate, of course. The idea came from the fact that many companies sponsor the holes in golf tournaments and the like, but most participants have no idea who the sponsors are. With the hubcaps, businesses that target high-end customers can catch their attention. This would also be a good idea on regular company vehicles, I would think. I wonder if anyone has tapped that market yet.

City Owned Property
Local municipalities have started allowing local businesses to advertise on city property in order to boost the city’s revenue without raising taxes. You might consider checking with your local city office to see if they are offering any advertising space on city vehicles, trash cans, recycle bins, benches or even city owned buildings.

Whether you use one of these new ideas, which probably won’t stay new for long, or come up with your own, the more original and visible your advertising location is, the more attention you are likely to get.

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By Michelle Cramer
Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 @ 12:01 AM CDT

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