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A New Way for Employees to Get Paid

Some say that there will soon come a day when checks are no longer in existence. Well, how would you like to get paid by your employer with a debit card? Sounds a bit strange, but it’s catching on and here’s why:

Many businesses have employees, such as minors or new U.S. immigrants, that don’t hold bank accounts. When those employees receive their paycheck, they will pay up to 10% of the check in order to get it cashed. A recent alternative is providing employees with a payroll debit card.

Basically, the employer deposits funds in a payroll account and then distributes payroll debit cards to his employees. Each card has an amount attached to it that is equal to that of the employee’s paycheck for that pay period. The funds can be withdrawn from an ATM or the card used as a debit card at any retailer.

Not only does it save employees without bank accounts the expense of getting a check cashed, but it also saves the employer the expense of printing paper paychecks. Checks typically cost $1-2 to print, while it is only about twenty-cents to provide a payroll debit card.

There are still a few bugs left to work out, however. Most state laws require that employees get their entire paycheck on pay day. This could be a problem if the ATM machine has a withdrawal limit that is less the the employee’s paycheck amount. The employer may to have to pay extra ATM withdrawal fees for all of the funds to be accessible at once.

Not to mention the fact that changing over to a payroll debit card process (in addition to direct deposit) can be time consuming, as most employees would be wary of such a change at first. It would take some time to reassure them that the process is secure and efficient.

Payroll debit cards are clearly one of the first steps in the extinction of checks. Despite the wrinkles that remain in the process, it is definitely something that makes things a bit easier for the employee, and requires less paperwork for the employer, which is always a good thing.

• The End of the Paycheck

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By Michelle Cramer
Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 @ 12:02 AM CDT

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